The Management Committee for  2019


Vice Commodore:


Treasurer: Craig Johnson 0411 692 223

Member’s Representative: Wayne Cleary 0417 634 932


Carrington Boating Club Inc welcomes new members who own a boat or who are simply interested in boating, or even only socialising with convivial others overlooking the serenity of the Brisbane River. As a member you will be able to attend our boating and social activities with other like-minded and friendly enthusiasts. Classes of membership include:

Full Members: persons who own a boat which is able to be registered.

Associate Members: persons over the age of eighteen years who are not owners of a registerable boat. The only difference is that Associate members do not have voting rights.

Membership fees for 2019 are:

Full Membership:                         Joining Fee:                                $50.00
                                                        Annual subscription:                  $60.00/year

Associate Membership:
                                                         Joining Fee:                                $Nil
; Annual Subscription:                 $30.00/year

If you are interested in joining, please download the Membership Application by clicking this link. You can email your completed form to the Secretary, or come to a meeting. New members are required to attend two meetings to gain admission.
At the last General Meeting of 2016  the members endorsed  a new look timetable for this year's meetings: