History of the The Carrington Boating Club Inc.

The early history of the Carrington Boating club was a natural progression from local families gathering at the picnic area adjacent to Carrington Rocks in the early 1900's. The Window family was one of these, and Horrie Window had a particular interest in boating from an early age.

He married in 1932, and moved to Hilda St (the club is situated at the bottom of Hilda St). The formal inauguration of the Carrington boating club was probably early in the summer of 1953, most likely late in November or early December.

Eric Milgate and Peter Crowther were inaugural members. Eric remembers collecting the shilling each of the boys involved, as club fees. At this time there were no women members.

Horrie Window was the first Commodore, a role he maintained the some 25 years.  His sons Keith and Alan were involved along with Bernie Godfrey, Noel Bryce, Kevin and Noel Taylor, Ron Cole, Peter Fredline, Don Geary, and the Tilleys.

Many had gathered a long before this time, most likely post war.  Several members recall crossing the river to go to dances at Mandalay, put on by the Americans during the war years, and then continuing on to around the mid-60s.

The club raised money by acting as gatekeepers of the speedboat racing in the late 50's and early 60's.  They used to clear debris from the river, to mitigate the danger to the boats.

Tenancy of the site was granted on the 17th of November 1960, but an application to erect a building on the site was not granted until mid-1962.  The first building was high set, with verandas on the first floor.  There was a small flood in 1964, and the veranda railing made a convenient hitching point for Horrie's boat Sunset.  The clubhouse was officially opened on the 21st of May 1966.

In just eight years another flood carried the clubhouse away, supported by the upturned dinghies that were stored  below.


     Early view from Carrington Rocks looking towards Lone Pine